Full Guide on How to Play Online Casino with Crypto

Casinos online that allow players to transact with cryptocurrencies are new to the gaming world, so it might still be quite confusing. We have created comprehensive guides that will help you navigate the crypto gambling sphere, starting from how to deposit and withdraw crypto at online casinos all the way to explaining what crypto wallets are and how they work.

  • Alice Whittaker
  • Updated: May 12, 2023

  • Updated: May 12, 2023

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    Crypto Deposits

    How to Deposit Crypto into your Casino Account Explained

    Casinos online have made depositing crypto funds easy and quick, even if you are completely new to the practice.

    You can either transfer crypto you already store on your crypto wallet into your casino account or buy crypto directly through the casino’s website.

    We have created a complete guide which walks you through both alternatives and weighs out the pros and cons of each.

    Once you finish reading our walkthrough on How to Deposit with Crypto:

    • You will know exactly how the process works;
    • Which is the best depositing method for you;
    • Whether you will be charged fees or not;
    • How to recognise a dodgy deposit request and not to be scammed out of your crypto, and;
    • You will be able to deposit your preferred cryptocurrency into your casino account like a pro!

    Crypto deposits are the first step taken when joining a casino that accepts crypto – or maybe the second, if they have a welcome offer with a no deposit crypto bonus. Speaking of bonuses, you will often encounter an offer where you must deposit crypto in your account to unlock a feature, namely a crypto deposit bonus.

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    Crypto Withdrawals

    How to Withdraw Crypto from your Casino Winnings

    You are bound to strike luck at a crypto casino online at some point, and you will want to withdraw your winnings… but how does that work, exactly?

    Find that out in our step-by-step guide on How to Withdraw Crypto where you will learn:

    • When you can withdraw your winnings;
    • How the process to crypto withdrawal looks like;
    • Whether you can withdraw both crypto and fiat or not;
    • Any fees you may encounter.

    Understanding how to withdraw your crypto winning from your account is key to not losing your prizes along the way.

    Moreover, since crypto is booming in both popularity and value, there are plenty of hackers out there that can try and lure you into giving out your information. Transacting in safety is paramount, and we will teach you how to recognise when you are being swindled out of your crypto coins.

    Crypto Wallets

    Crypto Wallets: What They Are & How to Use them

    guide crypto walletA crypto wallet is somewhere you store your cryptocurrency in, and can either be online or offline. There are different ways you can use a crypto wallet, depending on what you want to use it for.

    In our Crypto Wallets Guide we explore different online wallets, also known as software/soft/hot wallets, and we will show you:

    • The types of crypto wallet out there;
    • What uses the crypto wallet has;
    • How you can use your crypto wallet for online gambling;
    • How to connect it to your casino account and transact with it;
    • Other interesting features they have.

    You will not want to miss out on this part! Crypto wallets are the backbone of crypto exchange, enabling the player to both send and receive cryptocurrencies to and from casinos.

    It’s always beneficial to know what crypto wallets are out there and what they offer. You will then be able to make a more informed decision as to which one to use, which crypto wallet offers the most benefits, and which crypto wallet you can link to your online crypto casino account.

    Ways to Spend Crypto Wallets

    Crypto Wallets Aren’t Just For Online Crypto Casinos

    This may be a bit of a sneak peek into some of the articles you will find but crypto wallets can be used for so much more than just transacting at your favourite casino.

    Crypto wallets can also be used to exchange cryptocurrencies, not just store them. You can trade fiat for crypto and vice versa, storing both in the same place, for example. This is a fantastic solution for those of you who prefer playing at hybrid casinos, meaning those casinos that accept crypto but also traditional payments.

    What’s more is that crypto wallets can be used in everyday life as more and more stores start taking crypto as a payment method. Even big brands like Gucci are now accepting crypto!

    Overall, it’s a good idea to have a crypto wallet (or more than one) ready at hand. Be it for your betting transactions or for grocery shopping, this is the fast becoming the new way of paying in the 21st century.

    Our Knowledge

    We Know Our Stuff when it comes to Crypto Betting

    Our team has curated every one of the above guides, pouring its vast knowledge of both online gambling and crypto into their content.

    Here at CryptoGamblers we scour the internet for both the top crypto casinos out there but also the best crypto wallets for you to transact at them with, amongst many other things.

    Not only do we take our time to painstakingly comb through the available options out there, we do it through the lens of an online punter. This way you know that the content we deliver is relevant to you, no extra frills around it.

    What’s more is that we ourselves dabble in crypto and online betting. We have been through it all: we tried out different online casinos, tested out a variety of crypto wallets, deposited crypto and made use of bonuses, and also withdrew our winnings when we hit that jackpot.

    We have put together these guides for you to learn from our mistakes and key takeaways. We want to arm you with knowledge of the best tips and tricks of the trade so you can maximise your wins at crypto casinos online.

    Alice Whittaker

    Alice Whittaker is an experienced cryptocasino content writer and a passionate crypto-enthusiast with extensive experience in crypto gaming. She has extensive knowledge of bitcoin and understands the intricacies of crypto gambling.